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Intimate Skin Brightening 


Intimate Skin Brightening In Fort Myers, Fl
For Flawless Skin—Everywhere

Pure Body and Aesthetics offers a verity of skin brightening treatments, including Prana SpaCeuticales and IPeel that you can see and feel. We will consult with you regarding your skincare concerns, goals, lifestyle, habits, and diet to ensure you receive customized recommendations for maximum results. Our depigmentation peel and lightening system is pain free and is designed to treat hyperpigmentation, acne spots and improve skin texture.


How Intimate Skin Bleaching Works

Your skin is designed to absorb and respond to light. Discolored skin is no exception. By adjusting our skin brightening treatment to target discolored skin, we can break up pigmentation and clumps of darker skin cells more comfortably, effectively, and safely than over-the-counter bleaching agents/creams. For best results, anywhere from 3-6 appointments may be required, depending on the size of the treated area and your desired results. Additional treatments may be required 


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